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Expertly curated hair system for Men and Women. Stylish hair solution personalised for your face type.

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Benefits of LifeStyle Hair Care System

Live your life to the fullest & with confidence. You can do everything you could do as if it was your real hair







Final Results

A unique non-surgical hair restoration procedure in Dubai for males and females, no matter how bald (partial or full) you are.
In just 2 hours you are ready to go to your party, office or any other event right away.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

How Does Hair Patch Fixing Procedure Work?

Our Lifestyle Hair Care solutions are carefully analysed and fitted as per specific needs for each individual.



Begin with a no-obligation consultation with our expert stylists. They'll assess your hair loss and recommend the perfect system. Discuss your preferred style and ask any questions before deciding. Experience the system – no obligations, endless styling possibilities.


Fitting / Hair System Installation

In the second step, we cleanse your scalp with specialized products, preparing it for the hair system. Tailoring the AirActive ContactSkin® to fit your head precisely, we apply it securely using DermaFX® adhesive for an exact color match and a personalized, comfortable fit.


Hair & Styling

In the final step, we seamlessly blend the system with your natural hair, cut and style it according to your consultation. Using real human hair, we offer customized tinting, highlights, any length, style, or color. The result: a 100% undetectable hairline and guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Hair Care Services

All end-to-end hair care services, post-hair patch fixing maintenance, and a specially curated line of products for complete hair system aftercare in Dubai that includes Wash and Blow Dry, Haircut, Styling, Keratin, Rebonding and other essential hair care solutions.

Customers Love Us

I absolutely loved everything about their service and hair system. The hair is absolutely natural and I sometimes forget that I never had hair before. Kudos to the team at Lifestyle Hair Care!

Johan Mesling
Property Advisor
Finally a hair system that actually worked well for me. I've tried several ones before but they all seemed to look a bit fake. I just couldn't understand how seamless my hairline was and so could no one else. Brilliant work by the team at Lifestyle Hair Care!
Deepak Jamani
With growing age my hairline started thinning and dipping too. When I saw other people try out Lifestyle Hair Care, I really thought it's worth a try. And WOW, I cannot believe how naturally beautiful you guys have made me look. Thanks for everything!
Martha Renolds
Marketing Manager
Crazy team they got at Lifestyle. It's hard to believe the way my head looks now and it's really brought out the best in me. Much thanks and more power to you guys!

Ali Hassanin


We attach 100% real human hair to a skin-like base which is applied to your scalp giving you an undetectable look with a full head of hair under 2 hours that will last up to 4-6 months. A hair system’s lifespan varies by its quality, upkeep, frequency of use, and environmental conditions. Our High-quality human hair systems can last many months  with proper maintenance and occasional wear. Longevity can be shortened by frequent use, exposure to harsh weather, and strict style. Your hair system’s lifespan can be increased with regular maintenance, expert cleaning, and the use of the right products. Individual experiences will ultimately differ, therefore for the best durability, abide by care instructions and seek professional advice.

Yes, it is better than a transplant as we can give you a transformation in 2 hours and you’ll have the perfect hair with no surgical procedure.

It is pretty popular here in the UAE because you get your desired hair density and is completely undetectable.

Our clients also include professional footballers, tv presenters and day to day businessmen. They prefer hair systems as it gives you the most volume instantly and it gives you a hair loss solution under 2 hours. 

Hair systems offer a non-surgical solution for hair loss, boosting self-esteem and confidence. They provide immediate results, are customizable, and come in various styles. Consulting with our hair specialist can help you make an informed choice based on your unique needs and expectations.

We offer Full Lace and Swiss Lace Hair System. Please call and discuss with our team of professionals. or call +9714 584 3000 /+97156 6790004
No, we don’t offer hair transplant, yet. We currently offer Non-surgical Hair Replacement for men and women. Please call and discuss with our team of professionals. or call +9714 584 3000 /+97156 6790004

It starts at AED 1500 and can go up as per your individual requirements and choice of hair patch.

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